Meet Leah Vee and her band during a rehearsal as they share their live version of AUM at Resident Studios in London.  


Leah Vee & Mackadena have joined forces again to bring you some feel good music to feed your soul and relax your mind.

Combining Neo Soul vibes with a Boombap feel, Thinking About is the perfect song to accompany your lazy summer chill.

Kick back, close your eyes and relax to Leah's sweet vocal tones and meditative lyrics written on Cloud 9.

Launching on Spotify & Bandcamp on Friday 21st June.

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Leah Vee's "The Source" is a wonderfully soothing song. Its somber rainy day type beat meshes very well with her delivery: neo-soul and R&B flair mixed with East coast production places the listener smack dab in the middle of her struggle. As an MC, Leah does a great job of maximizing her voice and gives solid, meditative, thought-provoking lyrics focused on suppression, fear, and regret. It's hard not to relate. 

All in all, I feel fortunate to have listened; she reminds me of Rez (whose sound I adore) with more Hip-Hop influences. Good MC's are able to reflect on experiences in a broad sense, allowing listeners to latch onto words while applying their own meaning. It's a difficult trick, one that Leah is well on her way to mastering, if she hasn't already. One of the main ways that we connect with one another as human beings is by being vulnerable. I believe Leah understands this and takes the time to do so with a number of well-placed lyrical passages. A couple that come to mind are: "I will admit that I'm afraid" and "reluctant to begin a new phase." Being forward and upfront about this type of mental or emotional stress lets the listener know the performer is human. It's a foundation of human connection and "The Source" has begun laying the groundwork for such a connection with me, and for that I say thank you.


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5 is the debut EP release from Leah Vee


This EP combines 5 songs and 3 skits that document a journey of spirituality, love and transformation.


Leah Vee fuses her unique style of catchy rap flows and soulful vocal tones over a diverse range of quality Hip Hop beats that produce a sound resembling such pioneers as Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu.


Production credits reach a global scale bringing together the reputable sounds of Mackadena (The Netherlands) Time Out Beats (Australia) and DJ Pipe (Israel) securing this London lady with an EP that will touch the heart of her listeners.

The full EP is now available to purchase exclusively on Bandcamp.

Where Yoga Meets Rap & Miracles Manifest

"Rapper, soul siren, teacher, empowered female example to the yoot dem- all here in Leah Vee’s wonderful lyricism and spiritually imbued nu soul and trippy Brithop vehicle. Beautifully wrought head music for the heart"


Quirky, eclectic and totally unique is the perfect introduction for Leah Vee - a Rap Artist and Vocalist from London. Full of surprises and versatility she has a skill for blending her unique sound across a variety of musical genres including Hip Hop, Drum and Bass and Neo Soul.

Having spent most of her Saturday nights in warehouse raves during her late teens she began hosting over DJ sets as an MC and freestyle vocalist. This was the perfect foundation she needed to prepare her for a career as a music artist.

Leah Vee has worked her way up collaborating with a variety of producers on her unique sound. Her journey has taken time and has not been easy. She continued to create music as a form of therapy writing her wrongs and singing her blues. As she puts it “ Good things take time”
In 2016 she collaborated with Drum and Bass producer Maztek on Good Question. The song was released on Hungarian label Eatbrain and got featured on Beatport as Drum and Bass track of the week. The music video gained over 25000 views on You Tube in its first two weeks. She has since released music with Break Koast Records, features on Bass track Bouncer with producer Xpath and most recently supplied vocals for Cape Cod on catchy House track, I Am That.

Her debut EP 5, takes us on a new musical journey displaying melodies and tones inspired by Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and India Arie. The production credits resonate a blend of Jazz, Neo Soul and Hip Hop.

To date Leah Vee has graced the stage at London venues including The Jazz Café, Nambucca, The Dublin Castle, Cafe De Paris, Shoreditch House and The New Cross Inn. She has also performed at events in France and the Middle East.

She carefully balances her time creating music, teaching yoga classes and managing her organisation, Set The Flow. Her passion for poi spinning is an added bonus providing endless coordination, upper body strength and brain training.

Hard-working, focused and driven, this lyricist with attitude will surely impact upon the UK scene for the foreseeable future.

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