"Veronica was a lovely person and poet and inspirational."

Flo, 16

"The workshop was absolutely amazing.  We got to make our own rap and perform in front of our whole year. I really enjoyed the audience participation."

Toby, 10

"I enjoyed the freedom to be creative and express myself."

Dante, 13



After several months of research and development the final touches are being made for an exciting new exercise anf well-being class that fuses yoga and rap.

More details will be available soon but take a peak at the intro video for a taste of what's to come..



Happy to announce that classes began in November and have gone well so they are going to continue.

Thanks to everyone who has joined me so far. It feels like a very positive step forward, giving me the chance to share yoga with people across the country and the globe. 

Yoga classes in December.JPEG



We spent a week in Belgium during the Halloween half term to deliver an English course for young people aged 5 - 11. 

Each day combined elements of yoga, singing and rap to encourage a fun and engaging way of learning English .

We created a short musical performance in English based around the theme of Halloween which was shared with friends and family on the last day. The project was a great success for everyone involved. We hope to be back again for another project in 2020.

Belgium Summer Camp English lessons music dance yoga


Leah Vee is delighted to share the music video for her yoga rap song entitled AUM – A Universal Mentality.
The song (produced by DJ Pipe) combines a delicate display of Hip Hop beats, spoken rap flows and mesmerising vocal melodies accompanied by lyrics about Leah Vee’s deep passion for yoga philosophy and spirituality.

Video Director Slim Yearwood affirms, “Having always been a fan of growing my spirituality this video was something I was happy to direct and create. Everyone can have their own take-home from the video but the themes within it (enlightenment, love, connection to ourselves, others and nature) are definitely connected to the core creativity of the song”.
This project also showcases the creative talents of Dancer & Choreographer Navala ‘Niku’ Chaudhari, Stylist Charlotte Abale Gnahore and Make Up Artist Giulia Varvello.
AUM will be released on Leah Vee’s forthcoming EP – 5 in early 2019.

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We celebrated the end of the project with a performance in All Saint's Church in Kingston. It was great to see all our young people perform together and share all the excellent work they created over the last few months! 

Spoken word music lessons rap